Zlib level in JDK7

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Tue Feb 15 20:23:11 UTC 2011

On 2/15/2011 6:07 AM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> Yes, IcedTea uses system libraries for everything bar LCMS, where
> local changes in OpenJDK mean we are still forced to use the in-tree
> version.  There hasn't been any success upstreaming these changes,
> though I haven't looked at LCMS 2.x.

    LittleCMS 1.x  didn't provide the support necessary to pass JCK. So 
we talked to
    the LittleCMS maintainer and he added the necessary APIs in 2.0
    JDK 7 has had LittleCMS 2.0 for almost 6 months now and that is 
included without any code
    modifications, so I think it should now be possible to use a system 
library, although
    we didn't do the work to actually enable that, so its built into a 
JDK library which
    has the littlecms code and the glue code. We need to provide the 
ability to separate these.
    When we pushed LCMS 2.0, I asked for a bug to be filed to remember 
to do this work
    but I can't find it in the database. I'll ask for that to be filed 
if it wasn't already.
    NB It didn't seem super-urgent since we pulled in LCMS 2.0 
relatively soon after its release
    we thought shipping distros weren't likely to have the library 
upgrade anyway, but that's
    probably changing.


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