Zlib level in JDK7

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Fri Feb 18 19:30:00 UTC 2011

Steve Poole wrote:
> :
> Running zlibs own tests is unlikely to be too helpful. I'd be quite
> happy to run any JDK tests you have and there are also testcases in
> Apache Harmony for the related Java APIs.  I'm curious to understand
> just what level of testing is already done though?   
I wasn't clear. I meant the zip tests in the jdk repository rather than 
the zlib tests. The zip tests are in test/java/util/zip and 
test/java/util/jar. I don't know the Apache Harmony tests but if they 
can be be used with OpenJDK builds then great.

> :
> Agreed - I can imagine why zlib was embedded originally but I can't see
> why that should continue. It seem that the right direction is to remove
> the embedded code and rely on the platform providing the support. 
That would work on platforms that have zlib installed (libzip on Linux, 
libz on Solaris, etc.) but my guess is that we would still need to build 
it on at least Windows. A possible starting point is a build option that 
determines whether it compiles the zlib copy in the repository or not.


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