Review request for 7020513 : Add com.sun.xml.internal to the "package.access" property in

Rama Pulavarthi Rama.Pulavarthi at
Wed Feb 23 18:13:52 UTC 2011

Hi Alan,
On 2/23/11 12:44 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> Rama Pulavarthi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Need reviewer for CR 7020513: Add com.sun.xml.internal to the
>> "package.access" property in $JAVA_HOME/lib/security/
>> Webrev is available at
>> thanks,
>> Rama Pulavarthi
> Rama - it might be better to bring this to security-dev at openjdk as 
> that is where the security property files and XML DSIG implementation 
> are maintained.
CCing security-dev.

For background on this issue, this is not a new one. I am trying to port 
the old fixes made in jdk repo as part of earlier jax-ws integrations in 
to Open JDK 6.
The original issue CR 6592792 was fixed in JDK 6u7 and then ported to 
Open JDK 6.  When Open JDK 6 transistioned to Hg, it was committed as 
[1]. As fix for CR 6831313 
<>:update jaxws in 
OpenJDK7 to 2.1 plus bug fixes from OpenJDK 6, Only the changes in jaxws 
sources are ported to JDK 7 [2]. But, there are other changes that are 
made in jdk repo required for this fix.

> Just on the test, it would be great if it didn't require the script as 
> these can be problematic (looks like it will fail if run on Cygwin for 
> example). Also looks like the dates on the tests are 2009.
Just porting the fix along with tests from Open JDK 6 workspace, that's 
why I kept the old date. Does it need to be changed? This test was added 
then following the convention of other tests. I will check other tests 
in JDK 7 to see if it needs any update.

Rama Pulavarthi

> -Alan.

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