Review request for 7020513 : Add com.sun.xml.internal to the "package.access" property in

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Feb 23 20:03:49 UTC 2011

Rama Pulavarthi wrote:
> :
> Just porting the fix along with tests from Open JDK 6 workspace, 
> that's why I kept the old date. Does it need to be changed? This test 
> was added then following the convention of other tests. I will check 
> other tests in JDK 7 to see if it needs any update.
Sorry Rama, it wasn't obvious that this was a forward-port, in which 
case ignore my comment on the year.

On the test, we regularly have issues with tests that are scripts. From 
a brief glance it doesn't appear to be needed and instead just requires 
changing the @run tag to @run/othervm (might want to give it a better 
name too as "Test" doesn't convey much).


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