Review request for 7020513 : Add com.sun.xml.internal to the "package.access" property in

Rama Pulavarthi rama.pulavarthi at
Fri Feb 25 18:12:27 UTC 2011

Please review this updated webrev that has the patch for JDK 7 repo.

For background on this issue, this is not a new one. I am trying to port
the old fixes made in jdk repo as part of earlier jax-ws integrations in
to Open JDK 6.
The original issue CR 6592792 was fixed in JDK 6u7 and then ported to
Open JDK 6.  When Open JDK 6 transitioned to Hg, it was committed as
[1]. As fix for CR 6831313
<>:update jaxws in
OpenJDK7 to 2.1 plus bug fixes from OpenJDK 6, Only the changes in jaxws
sources are ported to JDK 7 [2]. But, there are other changes that are
made in jdk repo required for this fix.


Rama Pulavarthi

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