Where to discuss class proposals?

Markus KARG markus at headcrashing.eu
Tue Jan 4 09:24:27 UTC 2011

Dear Core Library Developers,


>From discussing with other coders for 25+ years, since the early days of
Java, and from having contributed to several Java EE subprojects (like
JAX-RS and others) in the past, and from the feedback I got to several of my
blog postings on java.net, there turned out a need for some new interfaces /
classes in the core libraries (namely Ordinal, Range<T> and Sequence<T> to
handle non-integer ordinals, non-number ranges, and content-less lists
defined from ranges and step sizes). I (and others, like Martin FOWLER's
proposal) actually wrote such interfaces and classes, but they don't make
sense unless many JRE core classes adopt them (they have to be part of the
JRE, not part of the application). The question is: Where is to discuss such
ideas? I tried it by positing feature requests using the Java Bug Database
mechanism, but those had been unanswered since months. So even that is
mentioned in OpenJDK's new members guide as the preferred way, it seemed it
actually is not the way the core library team actually is living. So please
tell me: Where and in what form to post ideas for the core libs to get in
touch with you in shorter time than months and to actively discuss JRE
needed changes lively? Or is it just to the sole grace of Oracle to decide
what goes into the JRE? Or what is ACTUAL way to get things into the JRE?
Obviously, the Java Bug Database is not. This is not to offend anybody, we
all are in heavy stress these days, I just really want to know how to move
on with this issue.



Markus KARG

Head Crashing Informatics




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