Review request for 6927486: Deadlock in legacy Hashtable writeObject()

Neil Richards neil.richards at
Mon Jan 10 11:27:50 UTC 2011

On 5 January 2011 13:36, Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at> wrote:
> I don't see any issues with the changes to j.u.Hashtable. You might have
> seen Stuart Mark's changes go by recently where he changed some of the
> existing code (including java.util) to use diamond. You might want to use
> this in these changes to avoid needing to re-run the tools on this code.
> This would also fix a style issue where you've got a space between the type
> parameters in a few places.

Good idea - I've updated the changeset to use the diamond operation
where appropriate.

Based on a crude search, I currently see (in the 'tl/jdk' repository)
1242 instances where Generic parameters are declared without a space,
and 1911 instances where they are declared with a space.
(This is for parameters with "real" object types, rather than "<K,V>"
type parameters).
I guess this backs up Stuart's point, that there seems to be no
consistency on which form to use.

> In the tests you catch Exception (or IOException or ClassNotFoundException)
> and then re-throw a RuntimeException. You can probably remove this as jtreg
> will mark the test as failed if it completes with any exception.

Okay. I've updated the changeset to do this too, and attached this as
a webrev zip file (as per Dalibor's suggestion).

Please review this modified changeset, and let me know if anything
further is required for its acceptance.

>> The problem reported is similar to one found in java.util.Vector, for
>> which a fix is also currently under review
>> (
> You might want to give this one a nudge by re-sending with a GPL header on
> the test. As I recall it was just the test that needed to be reviewed.

I did post an update which added the appropriate headers here:

However, I've updated this again, based on the feedback given for this item:

Thanks for all your help with this,

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