BufferedWriter.write does not throw exception if it is already closed.

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Fri Jan 28 10:55:05 UTC 2011

Jing LV wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> (Sorry for late reply that it seems my mail-box has some trouble that 
> I cannot send my mail yesterday). I agreed with you that the document 
> may be changed. However as you see another problem is that the write 
> method is unstable, it may or may not throw the exception, only 
> depends on its buffer size, I think we'd better at least fix this 
> unpredictable behaviour?
I think this is part of the same issue. BufferedWriter#close is failing 
because the underlying Writer's close is failing. This leaves the 
BufferedWriter "open" and the underlying Writer "closed". If you 
continue writing then the BufferedWriter may continue to buffer 
characters but if it has to flush to the underlying Writer then it will 
fail. This is clearly undesirable and it may be best to clarify the spec 
so that stream will be considered to be closed even if the close fails 
(as the current behavior is long standing behavior we would just need to 
think through any implications/side-effects). We can easily the 
implementation too, and in addition the suppressed exception support 
gives us the opportunity to fix a few other issues in these classes. 
I'll create a bug for this today.


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