A method with return type size_t returns negative value

Jing LV lvjing at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Jul 21 08:14:13 UTC 2011

Ping, anyone notice this? :)
My plan is that we'd search all source to find all kinds of such issues, 
and then refine them in a uniform solution. If jint is not good enough, 
how about ssize_t?

于 2011-7-5 17:14, Jing LV 写道:
> Hello,
>     It's been quite a long time and it seems jdk7 is doing well now. I 
> know there is still several days before its release, anyway, Alan or 
> someone else, would you please tell me if we can start work on jdk8, 
> and restart the discussion on the bugs like this (I remember there are 
> still some to be discussed)? Thanks!
> 于 2011-5-5 14:22, Jing LV 写道:
>> 于 2011-4-26 16:43, Alan Bateman 写道:
>>> Jing LV wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>>      Thanks for raising the defect. I see there is no patch now, so 
>>>> I create one (as the defect mentioned jint may be good, I use jint 
>>>> here).
>>>>      I have no Sun Online Account Id, would someone take a look?
>>> The function prototypes would also require to be updated and there 
>>> are a couple of other areas that would require clean-up too. If it's 
>>> okay with you, I think we should postpone this to jdk8. This code 
>>> has been using size_t for many years and I don't think is actually 
>>> causing a real problem. I agree it should be cleaned up but we are 
>>> out of time in jdk7. Another point is that jdk8 will be our 
>>> opportunity to remove the dependencies on the JVM_* functions and so 
>>> this code will be changing anyway (I realize we're not using these 
>>> in the Windows code but the functions need to match as they are used 
>>> from shared code).
>>> -Alan.
>> Hi Alan,
>>      I am OK with Java8. And I am wondering if a portlib or something 
>> may help. I'd think deeper and provide some proposal.

Best Regards,
Jimmy, Jing LV

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