Contribution to Bug 100120

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Mon Jul 25 04:37:45 UTC 2011

Hi Alan,

Alan Bateman said the following on 07/25/11 14:16:
> David Holmes wrote:
>> The original code is provided under GPL3. I don't know how you go 
>> about incorporating such code into OpenJDK ?
> I don't know how the GPL3 header ended up on that version but presumably 
> he can attach a patch to the bug that is against the current version of 
> java.lang.reflect.Proxy that is in the jdk8 forest.

But in this case the person wishing to advance the bug (Peter) is not 
the person who filed the bug. It isn't clear if the original submitter 
was actually contributing a patch or simply pointing to an alternate 
implementation that doesn't have the problem.

So ignoring for now whether this is a suitable patch, what would the 
process be if you came across third-party code (such as this) that is 
under GPL3 and you wanted to use that code in the OpenJDK? can it be done?


> -Alan.

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