Contribution to Bug 100120

Peter Lawrey peter.lawrey at
Mon Jul 25 08:10:55 UTC 2011

The reason for starting this line of enquiry:

I have been developing an Ultra High Frequency trading system in Java. In
this environment 100 microseconds from packet-in to packet-out measured
externally would be consider reasonable but not great.  I have ended up
re-writing some portions of the core libraries to support these latency
requirements. In many case a 3x to 10x speed improvement was achieved. (This
speed improvement was achieved using custom solutions which may not be
general enough to include in the core libraries) I am looking to use the
experience I have gain to improve the core libraries rather than just
writing replacements.

Instead of raising bugs, I thought it better to learn the process first.  I
don't particularly care which bug I try first. Is this a good bug to start


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