lang-management modification - it may break customer application?

Jing LV lvjing at
Thu Jun 30 04:32:04 UTC 2011


I see there is some modifiction in the, e.g, newPlatformMXBeanProxy. The
LogManager.LOGGING_MXBEAN_NAME in Java7 has been changed and now
represents PlatformLoggingMXBean rather than
I understand this is the stradegy to move all MXBean into package. However in JDK6, customers may already use, LogManager.LOGGING_MXBEAN_NAME,
LoggingMXBean) to get LoggingMXBean and in JDK7 he would meet a
IllegalArgumentException. I am wondering if there is a solution to avoid
this, e.g, allow it still return LoggingMXBean?


Best Regards,
Jimmy, Jing LV

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