lang-management modification - it may break customer application?

Jing LV lvjing at
Thu Jun 30 05:45:09 UTC 2011

Hi Mandy,

Thank you for reply. I am using a similar testcases but I see the
problem is that it use a wrong PlatformMBeanServer - fix it will help to
pass the testcase.
Your reply helps me to understand the full picture, thank you.

于 2011-6-30 13:06, Mandy Chung 写道:
>  Hi Jing,
> I'm including the serviceability-dev mailing list as
> is a serviceability feature.
> On 6/30/11 12:32 PM, Jing LV wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I see there is some modifiction in the
>>, e.g, newPlatformMXBeanProxy. The
>> LogManager.LOGGING_MXBEAN_NAME in Java7 has been changed and now
>> represents PlatformLoggingMXBean rather than
>> java.util.logging.LoggingMXBean.
> If it's accessed via an MBeanServer, this should not make any difference
> since both LoggingMXBean and PlatformLoggingMXBean defines the same
> attributes.
>> I understand this is the stradegy to move all MXBean into
>> package. However in JDK6, customers may already use
>> LoggingMXBean) to get LoggingMXBean and in JDK7 he would meet a
>> IllegalArgumentException. 
> This should work in both JDK 6 and JDK 7. A regression test in the JDK
> explicitly
> checks this method retains the same behavior:
>         LoggingMXBean proxy =
>             ManagementFactory.newPlatformMXBeanProxy(mbs,
>                 LogManager.LOGGING_MXBEAN_NAME,
>                 LoggingMXBean.class);
> See
> Do you have a test case reproducing IAE?
> Mandy

Best Regards,
Jimmy, Jing LV

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