Questions about XJC tool.

Steve Poole spoole at
Mon Mar 7 08:49:40 UTC 2011

On 07/03/11 05:03, Sean Chou wrote:
> Hi,
>     Just two questions about xjc.
>     About this bug "XJC fails to generate a class for a type with>1
> wildcard"(,
> is there a plan to fix it?
>     And I find the xjc tool is under the directory "jaxws/.hg/store/data/src/
> share/classes/com/sun/tools/internal/" in my working copy(using
> hg fclone Is there any other place
> I can find its source?
I assume that bugs in JAXB have to be fixed in the JAXB project, not in 
OpenJDK.    I don't know how the  relationship between OpenJDK and 
JAXB/JAXWS/JAXP  works. Maybe someone can explain usual working 
practises for getting these sort of bugs fixed?
>     Thanks.

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