Review Request -- 5045147 : When TreeMap is empty explicitly check for null keys in put()

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Fri Mar 11 21:04:10 UTC 2011

Mike Duigou wrote but nobody heard:
> This is a review request for an issue which was previously committed in 2006 but was quickly withdrawn because it was believed to cause a regression in other software. That removal was mistaken and this fix appears to be bona-fide beneficial.
> Note that this fix impacts both TreeMap and TreeSet. Prior to this fix both have allowed "null" to be added to the collection when the map/set is empty. I've personally run across this issue in usage. Diagnosing and fixing the broken application wasn't initially obvious because of this bug in TreeMap/TreeSet. Only after some frustrating sleuthing were we able to conclude that the problem was in TreeMap.
It would be great to get this one fixed, thanks for going through the 

The change looks good to me. I guess there isn't really any need to 
explicitly check if the comparator is null as it will NPE anyway, and 
probably there isn't a need to explicitly check key either as 
compare(key,key) will give us the NPE. If you are keeping the explicit 
null check then should the braces go?


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