Where should the accessibility problems goes to?

Roger Yeung roger.yeung at oracle.com
Thu Mar 24 18:53:22 UTC 2011

  On 3/24/11 1:27 AM, Charles Lee wrote:
> On 03/24/2011 04:17 PM, Roger Yeung wrote:
>>  On 3/24/11 12:59 AM, Charles Lee wrote:
>>> Hi guys,
>>> We have some problems about the accessibility things. Where should 
>>> these problems go to? this mailing list?
>>> Thanks.
>> Is this regarding the new AB2.0.2 ( http://jdk6.java.net/6uNea.html )?
>> Please report is at
>>     http://bugreport.sun.com
>> and select "Java Access Bridge for Windows" for Product/Category.
>> Thanks,
>> Roger Y.
> Thanks Roger.  But not it.
> The accessibility things is about to improve the behaviour of what 
> application shows. For example, focus of a JLabel, mnemonic keys, etc.
For JLabel and mnemonic keys, I'd say "Java Platform Standard Edition 
(JDK/JRE) for Product/Category, and "Package javax.swing.* - UI 
components for JFC" for Subcategory.

> AB2.0.2 is the latest java6 release, right? 
No, Access Bridge is an optional component for Java SE. It is not Java 
6. Please see description for details:


> What is "Java Access Bridge"?
See also:


-- RY

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