Review Request for 7024172 "Move platform MXBeans to"

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Sun Mar 27 21:29:56 UTC 2011

Mandy Chung wrote:
> 7024172: Move BufferPoolMXBean and PlatformLoggingMXBean to 
> Webrev at:
> javadoc at:
I've reviewed the changes, I'm sure Éamonn will too. Mostly look okay to 
me, with a couple of small comments.

In Managamenet.getPlatformMXBean (L647 and L723) it relies on 
PlatformComponent.getSingletonMXBean throwing IAE. It might be more 
obvious to use isSingleton instead and to throw the IAE if not.

ManagementFactoryHelper L148 - is this LoggingMXBean interface needed 
(just wondering if PlatformLoggingImpl could just instead implement 
PlatformLoggingMXBean and j.u.logging.LoggingMXBean).

PlatformLoggingMXBean.getLoggerNames reads "Returns the list of 
currently registered loggers" where as it is actually the list of the 
names of the registered loggers.

Minor inconsistency in PlatformLoggingMXBean in that two of the methods 
have spaces around the parameters, whereas the other two don't.


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