Review request for 6381464: "SimpleFormatter should use one single line format"

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Mon Mar 28 19:25:04 UTC 2011

  On 03/27/11 12:09, Alan Bateman wrote:
> Mandy Chung wrote:
>> 6381464: SimpleFormatter should use one single line format
>> This is a follow-up of the review for 7006814.   I came up with a better
>> solution that allows a user to customize the output format for 
>> SimpleFormatter.
>> You can specify the format string using the java.util.Formatter 
>> syntax in
>> a new property: "java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter" that you can 
>> customize
>> your own output format. See the javadoc for details:
>> Webrev at:
> It definitely make sense to do this in conjunction with 7006814. I've 
> gone through the webrev and it mostly looks good to me. A couple of 
> small comments:

Thanks for the feedback.  It's the right thing to do.

> SimpleFormatter L144-146, you could use a StringBuilder to build it up 
> when the source file is known.

I considered that.  But I am not sure if this simple concatenation 
worths the overhead of constructing the StringBuilder.

> SimpleFormatter L156, I assume this should be %n rather than \n. Same 
> thing in PlatformLogger.
'\n' is a character added in the string created in L156 but not in a 
format string in which %n is used to represents a newline.

> SimpleFormatter L161, this pre-dates your changes but I don't see why 
> it catch Exception here. Same thing in PlatformLogger.

Good catch.  I clean that up.

> In it might be good to extend the comment to 
> mention that the example generate one-line log messages.


> The new test has a copyright date of 2010, I assume this should be 2011.

Fixed - copy-n-paste error :)

Updated webrev:


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