Trivial review: 7032364 Add jvm.cfg file for ARM and PPC architectures

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Wed Mar 30 20:15:34 UTC 2011

Hi Joe,

Joe Darcy said the following on 03/31/11 02:19:
> David Holmes wrote:
>> More pieces to support SE Embedded.
> In the jvm.cfg files for other "newer" configurations, "-hotspot" is set 
> to "ERROR."  So unless you have a need to recognize -hotspot in ARM and 
> PPC I would encourage the same setting on those platforms, otherwise 
> approved.

No I don't think we specifically need to recognize -hotspot :) For the 
record here are the existing entries:

src/solaris/bin/amd64/jvm.cfg:-hotspot ERROR
src/solaris/bin/i586/jvm.cfg:-hotspot ALIASED_TO -client
src/solaris/bin/ia64/jvm.cfg:-hotspot ERROR
src/solaris/bin/sparc/jvm.cfg:-hotspot ALIASED_TO -client
src/solaris/bin/sparcv9/jvm.cfg:-hotspot ERROR
src/solaris/bin/zero/jvm.cfg:-hotspot ERROR

as 64-bit has not had client I guess someone decided to not alias to 
server instead but made it an error. We were being consistent with the 
other 32-bit platforms, but we can follow Zero's lead instead :)


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