Benchmarks for NIO buffer performance

Iris Clark iris.clark at
Wed Nov 2 05:27:31 UTC 2011

Hi, Mark.

You gave me a copy of those test when I was working on this bug:

4463011: (bf) View-buffer bulk get/put operations are slow

If I recall correctly, I modified the tests for my particular problem
and added them to that bug as attachments.


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2011/11/1 17:07 -0700, david.holmes at
> I'm looking into refactoring all the generated buffer classes to reduce the
> number of classes created. Part of that requires a performance comparison
> between the old and new classes. So I'm looking for any benchmarks that may
> exist to measure NIO buffer performance. There would have undoubtedly been such
> benchmarks back when NIO was first developed, but they seem to have been lost -
> unless someone on these lists know of them. ;-)

You're correct -- we did write buffer benchmarks at the time, way back in
2000/2001.  I'm sure I have them somewhere in my archive; I'll try to dig
them out for you soon.

- Mark

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