Code Review 7107516: LinkedBlockingQueue/Deque.drainTo(Collection, int) returns 'maxElements' if its value is negative

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Wed Nov 9 16:44:10 UTC 2011

The change looks good.

The creation of node instances could use diamond. ie.

Node<E> node = new Node<E>(e);

could be :

Node<E> node = new Node<>(e);


On Nov 9 2011, at 06:55 , Chris Hegarty wrote:

> According to the specification for BlockingQueue.drainTo(Collection c, int maxElements), this method should return "the number of elements transferred". However the implementation of this method for LinkedBlockingQueue and LinkedBlockingDeque when given a negative number returns the given negative number.
> Invoking drainTo(Collection, int) with a value of 0 or less should simply return 0.
> This change has been pulled from Doug Lea's CVS and I have already reviewed it. Sending to the list for further scrutiny/review.
> Webrev:
> Thanks,
> -Chris.

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