Fwd: Re: Miscellaneous minor patches: javadoc typos, javac warnings, etc.

Phil Race philip.race at oracle.com
Wed Nov 9 17:37:13 UTC 2011


Please do register on 2d-dev and propose the 2D changes there. The 
hashcode change
definitely needs discussion, I think there may be views on the NaN 
comparison as my
understanding is that this is supposed to always be not equal. Could be 
a spec. change
for the class if its admissible. Further discussion on this should be on 


PS this is such an unrelated set of changes, I am not sure it should be 
under one CR, even for 2D.

On 11/9/2011 3:30 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> Does anyone have cycles to review and sponsor the "Core" and "SQL" 
> clean-ups? They should be trivial to review and push as one 
> change-set, leaving the client area changes for review on the 2d or 
> other list.
> -Alan.
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> Subject:     Re: Miscellaneous minor patches: javadoc typos, javac 
> warnings, etc.
> Date:     Wed, 09 Nov 2011 11:46:48 +0100
> From:     Martin Desruisseaux <martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr>
> Organization:     Geomatys
> CC:     jdk8-dev at openjdk.java.net
> Hello all
> It took me a while, but I finally posted the patches that I submitted 
> last month
> as webrev pages. I tried to split them according different groups (core,
> Java2D...) to the best of my knowledge:
> http://webrev.geomatys.com/
> I also signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA) and send it by 
> email to
> oracle-ca_us at oracle.com.
> In the core classes, most patches can be grouped in two categories:
>  * Documentation fixes (Class, Attributes)
>  * Avoid creation of unnecessary temporary objects (AssertionError, 
> Float, Double)
> The only real bug fix is in Java 2D (AffineTransform.hashCode() 
> inconsistent
> with equals(Object) when some coefficients mix positive and negative 
> zeros).
> However I'm not yet registered on the Java2D mailing list. Should I 
> register on
> the mailing list of each group for which I may propose a patch?
>     Regards,
>         Martin

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