Garbage collection race condition before final checks

Gary Adams gary.adams at
Thu Nov 10 14:41:10 UTC 2011

  On 11/ 8/11 11:13 PM, Mandy Chung wrote:
> Thanks for picking up this bug and fixing this intermittent issue.  
> in the same directory has the same issue.  It'd 
> be good to fix that with the same CR.  These tests were copied from 
> test/java/util/logging/  I haven't looked in details 
> but I wonder why the test/java/util/logging tests don't have this intermittent 
> issue and I suspect it holds a strong reference.

I attempted to break with a generous application of
GC calls, but I could not get it to fail in the same manner as the other test. 
It may be
failing due to a different condition.

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