CR 6860309 - solaris timing issue on thread startup

David Holmes david.holmes at
Sat Nov 12 03:44:50 UTC 2011

Hi Gary,

On 12/11/2011 2:56 AM, Gary Adams wrote:
> CR 6860309 - TEST_BUG: Insufficient sleep time in
> java/lang/Runtime/exec/
> A timing problem is reported for slow solaris systems for this
> test to start up a process and systematically torture the underlying
> threads processing data from the running process.
> On my fast solaris machine I can not reproduce the error,
> but it is reasonable to assume that on a slower machine there
> could be scheduling issues that could delay the thread startup
> past the designated 100 millisecond delay in the main thread.
> This webrev suggests gating the process destruction until both
> worker threads are alive.

This doesn't achieve anything I'm afraid. isAlive() will return true 
once start() has been invoked on the thread (it doesn't depend on the 
new thread getting scheduled to run), hence there will only be a single 
call to sleep - no different from today. If the issue is that c1 and c2 
have not performed some action necessary before the process interaction 
then that action needs to be synchronized with explicitly.


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