CR 6860309 - solaris timing issue on thread startup

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Nov 16 07:53:13 UTC 2011

On 16/11/2011 00:47, Iris Clark wrote:
> Hi.
> The current practice may be different, but...
> The original intent was that every bug would either have a unit/regression test or a BugTraq keyword explaining why a test was not provided.  See step 6 on this page for the list of valid keywords:
This is the still the current practice and of course a specific 
regression test may be for several bugs (as often it make more sense to 
add to an existing test rather than add a new test each time).

> In the case of bugs against regression tests I've seen two approaches:
> 1. Addition of the bugid to the @bug tag
> 2. Addition of the "noreg-self" keyword to bugtraq
> Both technically fulfill the original intent.  At one point there were audits to enforce this.
There are still checks that noreg-self is added to the bug. I don't 
think the option of adding the bug number to @bug has been written down 
as an option, or at least I don't recall it coming up. I don't think it 
matters too much, the main intent is to give future maintainers the list 
of interesting bugs in the event of a test failure.


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