JDK 8 core review request for 6989067 BigInteger's array copiers should be converted to System.arraycopy()

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at oracle.com
Sat Sep 3 17:45:15 UTC 2011

David Holmes wrote:
> On 3/09/2011 9:19 AM, joe.darcy at oracle.com wrote:
>> Modified as suggested to use Arrays.copyOf before being pushed.
>> The performance team recommend to me this class of change be 
>> implemented so
>> I assume (and hope) the VM properly handles small arrays in a 
>> performance
>> sense.
> I was going to ask about performance here. Of course we should be 
> using arraycopy and copyOf et al and if there are performance issues 
> they should be fixed in those libraries, but in reality ...
> I assume we have some performance benchmarks for BigInteger?

The SPECJBB benchmarks involved BigDecimal, which in turn uses 
BigInteger (some of the time).

In any case, I think the revised code is clearer than the explicit loops.


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