code review request: 7051946: Runtime.exec(String command) / ProcessBuilder command parsing issues

Michael McMahon michael.x.mcmahon at
Tue Sep 13 16:17:57 UTC 2011

Can I get the following webrev reviewed please?

The problem is when calling Runtime.exec(String) with a program name 
white space (on win32), it is difficult to distinguish between the 
program name and
any parameters to it.

Eg. "C:\A B\C D\E foo bar".

Does this string represent the program name or are foo and bar
arguments to a program called E? And there are many other possibilities.

We just pass the whole string to windows and it does an ok job of 
disambiguating according
to a defined algorithm. There are two problems however:

1) our security check doesn't do exactly the same thing as windows. So 
we may end up checking for
a different file to what gets executed.

2) when the file doesn't exist, the error returned is truncated. In the 
example above,
it would think C:\A is the non-existing program.

The problem doesn't occur on Solaris/Linux because those OSes never try 
to disambiguate
the way windows does. So, there is currently already consistency between 
the security check
and the path to be run. Effectively, this way of calling Runtime.exec() 
never worked on those platforms
and you always had to use one of the other multi-arg methods.

So, the solution is first to refactor ProcessBuilder and ProcessImpl, by 
moving the generation
of the exception down to ProcessImpl (when the file is not found) and 
also to move the
security check down to ProcessImpl, where we can do the windows specific 
and for Solaris and Windows there's no change in behavior beyond  that.


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