Request for review: 7012206

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Mon Sep 19 05:22:34 UTC 2011

This a change to a bunch of serviceability tests (shell scripts that launch 
the various j* tools (jps, jstatd, jstack etc)) that I'd like to push 
through the TL JDK repo.

The changes were done by Carlos Lucasius but I'm acting as his "sponsor" for 
getting these pushed.


Summary: for correct operation the tools and/or the VM they target must be 
running with UsePerfData enabled. This VM option is enabled in Java SE by 
default, but is disabled in Java SE Embedded by default. To allow the tests 
to be used regardless of the UsePerfdata setting they are augmented to 
explicitly turn it on.

There has been some prior internal debate around how "best" to deal with 
this issue and the resulting changes, while somewhat repetitive, are the 
simplest approach to take.

There is one test - jps/ - that can not pass with such a fix 
because it is actually trying to test the jps output when no arguments (VM 
or application) are passed to the target VM. So for that test I've just 
added a comment.


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