JDK 8 code review request for 7091682 "Move sun.misc.FpUtils code into java.lang.Math"

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at gmx.de
Thu Sep 22 17:18:31 UTC 2011

I'm wondering why you don't have moved concerning documentation from sun.misc.* to 
java.lang.(Strict)Math. E.G.: The comment on the scalb operations:
  * The scalb operation should be reasonable ...

To save some source code footprint and allow better overview, I suggest to erase all javadoc of the 
moved methods except the deprecated note.


Am 17.09.2011 03:52, schrieb joe.darcy at oracle.com:
> Hello.
> Please review the changes to address
>    7091682 "Move sun.misc.FpUtils code into java.lang.Math"
>    http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~darcy/7091682.0/
> As implied by the synopsis, where appropriate JDK-implementation code used to provide 
> functionality in java.lang.Math and java.lang.StrictMath is moved out of sun.misc.* and into 
> java.lang.Math.  Uses of methods available in java.lang.Math and switched to that entry point as 
> opposed to the sun.misc one.  Additionally, the sun.misc methods whose implementation was moved 
> were also deprecated.
> Later in JDK 8, I will probably add some of the remaining un-deprecated methods in 
> sun.misc.FpUtils as java.lang.Math/StrictMath methods.
> Thanks,
> -Joe

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