JEP 108: Collections Enhancements from Third-Party Libraries

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Fri Sep 30 14:32:07 UTC 2011

2011/9/29 23:13 -0700, pdoubleya at
> Mark,
> in comparison to the other JEPs proposed recently, this seems quite
> vague. There is a brief list of candidate collections nestled in the
> very middle of the JEP, but that's it. Given that the "alternative
> collection libraries" have existed for many years, it seems to me the
> author has enough material to draw from to pull up a more concrete
> list. If the JEP does not wish to list all of them, then I think the
> JEP should describe what what will drive the selection - a survey? A
> general request for suggestions? Automated analysis of large
> codebases?

These are all fair points, and I look forward to seeing Mike's replies.

Note that this JEP is only in the "Posted" state.  The expectation is,
as with all JEPs, that it will be refined as the work progresses and in
response to feedback such as yours.

- Mark

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