Code Review Request 7187876: ClassCastException in TCPTransport.executeAcceptLoop

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at
Thu Aug 2 04:13:55 UTC 2012

On 8/1/12 8:05 PM, David Holmes wrote:
>> This case is kind of pathological. The CloseServerSocketOnTermination
>> test injects an exception of an arbitrary type into the accept loop of
>> an RMI connection. (See the test to see how it does this; it's rather
>> clever.) The cast error occurs when the exception that's injected is an
>> instance of Throwable.
> I see. Can the real code actually throw an arbitrary subclass of Throwable?

It potentially can. At least, this code isn't under the control of RMI. The 
exception/throwable might be thrown from calls on a ServerSocket (or subclass) 
created by an RMIServerSocketFactory, which is supplied by the user. It's hard 
to conceive why it would throw something other than Error or Exception, but you 
never know what those darned users are going to do. :-)

>> Oh, one more thing. Mike Duigou pointed out to me that there is
>> something called UndeclaredThrowableException. Should we throw new
>> UndeclaredThrowableException(t) instead?
> It is semantically more correct as that is what we have - Throwable suclasses
> are checked exceptions unless Errors or RuntimeExceptions.

OK, let's go with UndeclaredThrowableException then.



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