Codereview request for 7188852: Move implementation of De/Inflater.getBytesRead/Writtten() to java from native

Xueming Shen xueming.shen at
Thu Aug 2 21:59:13 UTC 2012


This is the change to move the implementation of 
from native to Java. Current JDK implementation uses zlib's 
z_stream.total_in/out fields,
which are "uLong" type in original zlib source code. This may limit 
these two counters
to 4GB on 32-bit OS [1].  These two fields are currently patched to 
"long long" in JDK to
support the > 4G counting. It is suggested that it might be better to 
move this > 4G
counting support to java level to remove the dependency on patching the 
original zlib
source code, which might be critical in situation that Java runtime 
prefers to use OS
bundled zlib, instead of the JDK bundled zlib library.

Here is the webrev

The test case attached only tests upto 128M by default (for running in 
auto testing).
The test can be run manually with option "large" to test > 4G 
de/inflating. It takes > 4
minutes to compress/decompress 5G bytes on my linux box, guess it's 
probably not
desirable to hold each/every run for so long in auto setting.



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