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Fri Aug 3 15:58:35 UTC 2012

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> On 02/08/2012 19:31, Andrew Hughes wrote:
> > :
> >
> >
> > Ok, I thought that's what you were aiming at.  That wouldn't solve
> > the problem
> > for us.  We can't include a version of zlib in OpenJDK.  It
> > violates distribution
> > policies and means security updates have to be applied in two
> > places.  We've been
> > carrying patches for zlib (and jpeg, png, etc.) for years to avoid
> > this.  Our build
> > actually deletes the source files before building to ensure this
> > doesn't happen.
> >
> As you know, we can't delete the zlib code as we still need it for
> other
> platforms, Windows mostly. 

Yes, that wasn't the suggestion.  I was just pointing out that we delete
it as a pre-build step, so any attempt to build it is going to fail :-)

> From a brief scan of your patch (not a
> detailed review, too busy at the moment) then it looks like you've
> added
> a SYSTEM_ZLIB option to select (at build-time) whether to compile the
> version in the jdk repository or not. This approach make sense to me
> and
> should be separated from the changes needed to use an alternatively
> named zlib (which I think is what Intel IPP will require, assuming it
> can't be picked up by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

It's what we've had for years, and was added orthogonally to 8 in:

changeset:   5118:d45bc4307996
user:        michaelm
date:        Tue Mar 06 20:34:38 2012 +0000
summary:     7113349: Initial changeset for Macosx port to jdk

though that version is broken (at least on GNU/Linux) without the change
to defines.h I posted in my patch earlier this week.

If IPP is binary compatible, surely setting ZLIB_LIBS/ZLIB_CFLAGS would 
be sufficient?  I don't know how different they are.

> In any case, I think both efforts require 7188852 and I see Sherman
> has
> a review out on that.

Yes, I've just tried applying it this morning. Will test and report back.

> -Alan.

Andrew :)

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