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> On 08/06/2012 11:26 AM, Andrew Hughes wrote:
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> >> Hi Andrew,
> >>
> >> I meant if we are going to put SYSTEM_ZLIB=true as default for
> >> linux
> >> as
> >> Alan suggested,
> >> we might need to update the build document as well to include
> >> zlib-dev
> >> as the "necessary"
> >> package to build jdk on linux.
> > Ok.  I think that's a separate issue which warrants a separate bug&
> > changeset.  Let's have this one work on fixing the build so
> > actually works on GNU/Linux first.  At the moment, enabling
> > SYSTEM_ZLIB=true
> > breaks the build on anything other than MacOS/X, which seems like a
> > bug to me.
> It's a separate issue. For your current patch, since it does not set
> the
> for linux, it's not an issue at all.

As we override the default anyway, I'd prefer not to be the one pushing
for it if it causes problems down the road :-)

 My apology for my naive
> question,
> is zlib (the library)
> always installed by default by most linux distributors?

No apology required.  It's not that naive a question as there are plenty
of distributions out there, so giving a completely accurate answer is
impossible.  There's more than likely someone who doesn't :-)

I would say it's extremely unlikely that the library's not installed.
Looking at the dependency tree, it's a requirement of perl, nss, libpng,
freetype, openssh, firefox, kdelibs & cairo to name a few.  You're not going to get
much of a GUI environment going without it, that's for sure.

As you pointed out earlier in the thread, binary distributions tend to
separate the library and the development headers / pkgconfig files.  It's
much less likely that zlib-devel (or whatever it gets called) is installed
on a standard system, but for someone doing builds, it becomes more likely
especially as it's a dependency for other development packages such as the one
for libpng.

> >> Currently the SYSTEM_ZLIB=true is set in
> >> make/common/Defs-macosx.gmk.
> > Ok, so it's the default there already.  That explains the defines.h
> > logic.
> >
> >> ZLIB_VERSION = 1.2.5 is setin make/common/Defs.gmk.
> > What's the relevance of this version?  My system install is 1.2.7.
> That's the version bundled with jdk. Yes, 1.2.7 is the latest, out
> May/2012. I might try to
> upgrade the bundled one to the latest version at later stage of jdk8.
> The "relevance" is that they are all used for "zlib build", so it
> would
> be  better to put them
> together/close for future maintenance, though some comment might be
> necessary to clarify
> one is for "bundled" version, on is for the link options for os zlib.

Ah, ok.  So it's irrelevant if SYSTEM_ZLIB=true.  I was worried the idea might
be for the build to  do a version check like it does with Freetype.   That's been
a pain in the past.

So is the patch ok for me to push?  And do we have a bug ID if so?  Sorry if you've
already mentioned one, but I've lost track in this thread :-)

> -sherman

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