PING: [PATCH FOR REVIEW] System Zlib Support

Kumar Srinivasan kumar.x.srinivasan at oracle.COM
Tue Aug 7 17:16:47 UTC 2012


Please make sure that the jdk/test/tools/* tests are run and validated.

Both the java launcher and the pack200 tools are dependent on zlib
entry points for inflate/deflate and other things.


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>> On 08/06/2012 11:26 AM, Andrew Hughes wrote:
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>>>> Hi Andrew,
>>>> I meant if we are going to put SYSTEM_ZLIB=true as default for
>>>> linux
>>>> as
>>>> Alan suggested,
>>>> we might need to update the build document as well to include
>>>> zlib-dev
>>>> as the "necessary"
>>>> package to build jdk on linux.
>>> Ok.  I think that's a separate issue which warrants a separate bug&
>>> changeset.  Let's have this one work on fixing the build so
>>> actually works on GNU/Linux first.  At the moment, enabling
>>> SYSTEM_ZLIB=true
>>> breaks the build on anything other than MacOS/X, which seems like a
>>> bug to me.
>> It's a separate issue. For your current patch, since it does not set
>> the
>> for linux, it's not an issue at all.
> As we override the default anyway, I'd prefer not to be the one pushing
> for it if it causes problems down the road :-)
>   My apology for my naive
>> question,
>> is zlib (the library)
>> always installed by default by most linux distributors?
> No apology required.  It's not that naive a question as there are plenty
> of distributions out there, so giving a completely accurate answer is
> impossible.  There's more than likely someone who doesn't :-)
> I would say it's extremely unlikely that the library's not installed.
> Looking at the dependency tree, it's a requirement of perl, nss, libpng,
> freetype, openssh, firefox, kdelibs&  cairo to name a few.  You're not going to get
> much of a GUI environment going without it, that's for sure.
> As you pointed out earlier in the thread, binary distributions tend to
> separate the library and the development headers / pkgconfig files.  It's
> much less likely that zlib-devel (or whatever it gets called) is installed
> on a standard system, but for someone doing builds, it becomes more likely
> especially as it's a dependency for other development packages such as the one
> for libpng.
>>>> Currently the SYSTEM_ZLIB=true is set in
>>>> make/common/Defs-macosx.gmk.
>>> Ok, so it's the default there already.  That explains the defines.h
>>> logic.
>>>> ZLIB_VERSION = 1.2.5 is setin make/common/Defs.gmk.
>>> What's the relevance of this version?  My system install is 1.2.7.
>> That's the version bundled with jdk. Yes, 1.2.7 is the latest, out
>> May/2012. I might try to
>> upgrade the bundled one to the latest version at later stage of jdk8.
>> The "relevance" is that they are all used for "zlib build", so it
>> would
>> be  better to put them
>> together/close for future maintenance, though some comment might be
>> necessary to clarify
>> one is for "bundled" version, on is for the link options for os zlib.
> Ah, ok.  So it's irrelevant if SYSTEM_ZLIB=true.  I was worried the idea might
> be for the build to  do a version check like it does with Freetype.   That's been
> a pain in the past.
> So is the patch ok for me to push?  And do we have a bug ID if so?  Sorry if you've
> already mentioned one, but I've lost track in this thread :-)
>> -sherman

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