<i18n dev> [8] Review request for JEP 127: Improve Locale Data Packaging and Adopt Unicode CLDR Data

Naoto Sato naoto.sato at oracle.com
Mon Aug 13 21:43:33 UTC 2012

Since I haven't heard any more comments from Erik/Kelly, I would like to 
push the changeset without the new build infra patch. Erik/Kelly, can 
you please give us an official "GO" in terms of the build related changes?

Aside from build changes, I have updated the changeset based on an 
internal review:


This includes:

- a couple of fixes to the CLDR Converter
- Added fallback for any bad SPI implementations which return null for 
requested instances.

Still asking for review comments.


On 8/8/12 2:13 PM, Naoto Sato wrote:
> On 8/7/12 2:57 AM, Erik Joelsson wrote:
>> See inline
>> On 2012-07-13 22:20, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>>> Something seems strange here:
>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~naoto/6336885/webrev.00/make/java/java/localegen.sh.sdiff.html
>>> It's like someone was avoiding overall quotes, but using them to add
>>> spaces somehow...
>>> I sure would like to get rid of this shell logic, seems like there are
>>> lots repeated logic that
>>> this script does over and over or could be done with makefile pattern
>>> subst's instead of exec's.
>> The new version isn't any worse than the old in my opinion. In
>> build-infra, this file is indeed replaced with make logic. After having
>> decoded both versions I'm confident in converting the changes.
>>> Overall, just looking at the makefiles, the build-infra team may need
>>> some time to fully absorb this into the
>>> new makefiles, some of it will be trivial, not sure all of it will be.
>> I have applied the patch to a clone of build-infra and done the minimal
>> changes to keep build-infra building, which was rather trivial. The
>> resulting build has large differences since I haven't converted all of
>> it yet. There are a couple of things that will require some more work,
>> but not more than a day or two.
>>> Not sure how to proceed here, the build-infra team does need an action
>>> item to deal with this, maybe
>>> before it gets integrated because I suspect the new makefiles will
>>> break with all the filename or
>>> directory changes. But I hate to hold up your integration plans.
>> I see these as possible options:
>> 1. Let this go in, build-infra will break in jdk8 until we do our next
>> push and it trickles through the repos.
>> 2. The build-infra project provides a patch with the full conversion
>> that can go in together with these changes.
>> 3. The build-infra project provides a simple patch which just keeps the
>> build-infra-build from failing that can go in with these changes.
>> The conversion needs to happen regardless of option. The changes
>> required are pretty isolated from remaining build-infra work. What do
>> you think?
> Either way is fine with me. If build-infra team prefers 2 or 3, please
> give me the patch, and I will go ahead and merge them to my changeset.
> Naoto
>> Other than that, I have no objections to the review.
>> /Erik
>>> I'd like to get some advice from Erik on this before saying anything
>>> further.
>>> -kto
>>> On Jul 10, 2012, at 1:42 PM, Naoto Sato wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> Please review the JDK8 changes for JEP 127: Improve Locale Data
>>>> Packaging and Adopt Unicode CLDR Data
>>>> (http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/127). The webrev is located at:
>>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~naoto/6336885/webrev.00/
>>>> The main bug id for this enhancement is:
>>>> 6336885: RFE: Locale Data Deployment Enhancements
>>>> Along with this, the following bugs/enhancements are also implemented
>>>> in this change:
>>>> 4609153 Provide locale data for Indic locales
>>>> 5104387 Support for gl_ES locale (galician language)
>>>> 6337471 desktop/system locale preferences support
>>>> 7056139 (cal) SPI support for locale-dependent Calendar parameters
>>>> 7058206 Provide CalendarData SPI for week params and display field
>>>> value names
>>>> 7073852 Support multiple scripts for digits and decimal symbols per
>>>> locale
>>>> 7079560 [Fmt-Da] Context dependent month names support in
>>>> SimpleDateFormat
>>>> 7171324 getAvailableLocales() of locale sensitive services should
>>>> return the actual availability of locales
>>>> 7151414 (cal) Support calendar type identification
>>>> 7168528 LocaleServiceProvider needs to be aware of Locale extensions
>>>> 7171372 (cal) locale's default Calendar should be created if unknown
>>>> calendar is specified
>>>> Please note that packaging changes that relate to Jigsaw module
>>>> system aren't included in this changeset.
>>>> Naoto Sato and Masayoshi Okutsu

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