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Tue Aug 14 23:08:42 UTC 2012

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> On 14/08/2012 14:13, Andrew Hughes wrote:
> > Can I take that as it's good to push? :-D
> No objection from me although if the default is changed to
> SYSTEM_ZLIB=true for Linux (and maybe Solaris) then it will require
> making sure that it builds everywhere without needing other options.

I have no plans to do this, and certainly not in this patch.

I wouldn't feel comfortable enabling it unless the default was changed
to build with shared libraries, as that's what we've tested extensively.

>From my side, I think the shared solution is what the average user would
expect (on GNU/Linux anyway), as that's what pretty much every other
codebase does, and that enabling the static options
should be done in the Oracle builds.  But that's a whole other debate.
The current defaults are a result of the codebase being used (and still
being used) to produce proprietary binaries for over ten years and so
it's no surprise that there are conflicts with attempting to adapt it
to a completely different paradigm.

> -Alan.

Andrew :)

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