CR 6899850 Updated, jeff.dinkins now responsible manager, P4 java/classes_util TESTBUG: DateRegression fails with "Date hashCode misbehaves"

Eric Wang at
Mon Aug 20 08:18:22 UTC 2012

Hi Alan,

Please review the code changes
As described in monaco, this bug is caused by wrong assumption that 
precision of Date is second instead of millionsecond.
If you think OK, I'll send a formal request. This is a closed test, 
which group can review it?


On 2012/8/18 15:22, Alan Bateman wrote:
> Eric - is this a test bug that could be added to your list? It seems 
> the chances of running into this issue is very low but intermittent 
> failures are killing us then maybe we should just fix this while it is 
> fresh in our minds.
> (Naoto - I should explain that Eric Wang is in the SQE team and has 
> been spending some time on fixing several of our regression tests that 
> we excluded, by putting down on ProblemList).
> -Alan
> On 16/08/2012 18:11, Alan Bateman wrote:
>> On 16/08/2012 18:06, Naoto Sato wrote:
>>> Hi Alan,
>>> Not directly related to this bug, but I am just curious. I've been 
>>> running JPRT jdk8 jobs with "-testset core" option, but have never 
>>> seen this failure. Is the setting for TL nightly build different 
>>> from JPRT's?
>>> Naoto
>> TL nightly runs the tests the same way as JPRT. I don't think we've 
>> seen it fail before, I guess we just got lucky.
>> -Alan

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