Please Review: 6984084 (str) n times repetition of character constructor for java.lang.String

David Holmes david.holmes at
Wed Aug 22 01:52:12 UTC 2012

Hi Jim,

On 22/08/2012 6:45 AM, Jim Gish wrote:
> Please review
> <>
> This started in lambda, making changes to both StringJoiner and String.
> However, the dependence of String.repeat() on StringJoiner has been
> removed and the resulting non-lambda classes moved here for review.
> There will be a separate change and review for the StringJoiner changes
> in lamda-dev.

"If {@code n == 0}, then adds the empty string."

It doesn't - if n == 0 nothing happens (which seems the right thing to me).

"If @{code cs} is {@code null}, then adds {@code "null"} {@code n} times."

That seems questionable semantics to me. What is the motivation for this?


Does repeat() really carry its own weight? The 0 and 1 cases are 
uninteresting and for anything else StringBuilder can be used directly.


+      * @throws IllegalArgumentException if n < 0  {@inheritDoc}

This is wrong as you've already written the inherited doc "if n < 0".

+      * @since 1.8
+      */
+     public StringBuilder append(int n, CharSequence cs) {
+         super.append(n, cs);
+         return this;
+     }

But why are you overriding this in the first place ??? There seems to be 
no change in functionality or specification.


> Thanks,
> Jim

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