Review Request: 7193406 - Clean-up JDK Build Warnings in java.util,

Doug Lea dl at
Fri Aug 24 10:45:13 UTC 2012

Rémi Forax wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> I'm not sure to like the fact that you introduce some local variables 
> just to get ride of some warnings given that Hotspot compilers are 
> sometimes sensitive to that.
> I think this practice should be discussed on this list before committing 
> this changeset.

Yes. We discussed this during the last warnings cleanup.
If javac cannot provide a means of shutting up these kinds
of warnings without changing the emitted bytecode, then
warning-free-compiles should not be required within JDK.
(We hit a lot of warnings in j.u.c anyway because of uses
of Unsafe that have no pure-java equivalents.)

> so is it a good idea to add a temporary local variable to fix a generics 
> warning or should @SuppressWarnings should be set on the whole method ?

We end up doing this this too often as a workaround.


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