7147087: Remove AWT/Swing/client tests from ProblemList

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Mon Feb 20 12:46:11 UTC 2012

When Kelly setup the ProblemList file to exclude tests then he initially 
excluded dozens of tests that he observed failing on platform or in some 
configuration. We've been chipping away at these issues since then but 
there are lots of tests for the client area that have not been removed 
(my guess is that folks in these areas were unaware of this file or do 
not run the tests via the make file). It's time to do a "reset" and just 
remove the these tests from the list. For those that are running these 
tests then feel free to re-add tests that are buggy, just make sure that 
there are bugs submitted.

The webrev with the changes is here:


Note that I've used the opportunity to add a few other tests that have 
been failing intermittently (one persistently).



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