RFR : 7144488 StackOverflowError occurres on list via Collections.synchronizedList(List)

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Thu Feb 23 21:59:07 UTC 2012

On 24/02/2012 7:55 AM, Jason Mehrens wrote:
> David,
> For completeness, you might want to link this bug to bug id 6360946
> "(coll) SetFromMap.equals should perform identity check". Most of the
> wrapper classes were fixed to include an identity check for that bug.
> Digging up some old messages from December 2005, the synchXXX wrappers
> were not updated because we were only trying to fix the reflexive test
> for equals method in the face of concurrent modification. For the
> synchXXX wrappers it doesn't apply but, we missed the need for it when
> used in methods like remove.

Thanks for the info Jason, I've added the cross-reference. Not bad if 
this issue only crops up every 6 years or so :)


> Jason
>  > That said, an equals method that checks for o==this is pretty normal
>  > (and recommended by Effective Java Item 7) and we at least now have
>  > consistency amongst the wrapper classes. I'll add a note to the CR to
>  > that effect.
>  >
>  > Michael: good to go (if it hasn't already)
>  >
>  > Thanks,
>  > David
>  >

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