javax.sql.rowset.serial.SerialBlob doesn't support free and getBinaryStream

Deven You youdwei at
Mon Jul 2 09:04:37 UTC 2012

Hi All,
Could anyone notice this problem?

Thanks a lot!
On 06/25/2012 04:18 PM, Deven You wrote:
> Hi All,
> First of all, if the jdbc problem has a better mailing list to post 
> please tell me.
> I find that javax.sql.rowset.serial.SerialBlob is not fully 
> implemented in OpenJDK 8. Methods
>     public InputStream getBinaryStream(long pos,long length) throws 
> SQLException
>     public void free() throws SQLException
> only throw UnsupportedOperationException.
> I have made a patch[1] to implement these 2 methods. Could anyone take 
> a look to review it.
> BTW: I think the spec for SerialBlob is not very clear like it doesn't 
> mention if all method rather than free() need throw any exception 
> after free() is invoked. However that behavior seems reasonable.
> [1]
> Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,


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