Code Review Request: 7183800: TEST_BUG: Update tests to run on Ubuntu 12.04 (localhost is

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at
Sun Jul 15 21:52:44 UTC 2012


I don't have any problem with the source changes ( they make sense ), 
but I don't see why they are necessary.

The listening socket is bound to the wildcard address, so sending to the 
local address should work. I guess this is some kind of (default 
configuration error/issue). Anyway, your test changes are fine.

Adding the third test to the problem list makes sense ( as you say, it 
will require a more involved fix ), but you should create a new separate 
bug number for it and add it to the comment in the ProblemList. It may 
be a little confusing to see this bug number in the comment when the bug 
database will show it as fixed.


On 15/07/12 19:54, Kurchi Subhra Hazra wrote:
> Hi,
> Some tests in our test repository assume that InetAddress.getLocalHost()
> will return However, with
> linux systems running Ubuntu 12.04 now returning as localhost,
> these tests are failing. I have changed two
> of the NIO tests to remove their dependency on
> InetAddress.getLocalHost(). A third test has been added to
> the ProblemList.txt since the changes required for it are more involved.
> Bug:
> Webrev:
> Thanks,
> Kurchi

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