non-blocking channel Infinite loop in java.util.Scanner

Rémi Forax forax at
Tue Jun 5 10:00:36 UTC 2012

One of my student find a bug in the implementation of Scanner,
that allows you to use a non blocking channel as input of a Scanner.

The Scanner uses Channels.newReader() to create a Reader
from a channel which itself create a StreamDecoder.

In that case, StreamDecoder.impReader() goes into an infinite loop
because impReader() calls readBytes() that does nothing
if returns zero.

The javadoc of Channels.newReader() clearly states that
it should throw a IllegalBlockingModeException but
there is no code that checks that.

I think a way to solve the problem is to insert a code
that check the blocking state in Channels.newWriter().

   if (ch instanceof SelectableChannel) {
             SelectableChannel sc = (SelectableChannel)ch;
             if (!sc.isBlocking())
                     throw new IllegalBlockingModeException();

and to document the exception in the constructor of
Scanner that takes a channel.

If someone provide me a bug id, it will provide a patch :)


PS: The code below is a simple test to reproduce the infinite loop.

import java.nio.ByteBuffer;
import java.nio.channels.ServerSocketChannel;
import java.nio.channels.SocketChannel;
import java.util.Scanner;

public class Main {
   public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
     ServerSocketChannel serverSocketChannel =;
     serverSocketChannel.bind(new InetSocketAddress(2332));

     new Thread(new Runnable() {
       public void run() {
         try {
           SocketChannel channel = 
InetSocketAddress("localhost", 2332));
           do {
             channel.write(ByteBuffer.wrap(new byte[] {'A'}));
           } while(true);
         } catch (IOException | InterruptedException e) {
           throw new AssertionError(e);


     SocketChannel socketChannel = serverSocketChannel.accept();

     Scanner scanner = new Scanner(socketChannel);
     while(scanner.hasNextLine()) {

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