6901992 : Possible InvalidJarIndexException due to bug in sun.misc.JarIndex.merge()

Diego Belfer dbelfer at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 23:12:04 UTC 2012


I am working on the bug 6901992. I have already fixed the merge method and
I have created a test case for it too. Nevertheless, I was unable to
reproduce the bug as a whole (using the ClassLoader mechanism) and get the
InvalidJarIndexException, since the only way I might think of triggering
the error is using an invalid index (INDEX.LIST), which does not make sense.

I am triying to reproduce the bug using the URLClassLoader but maybe there
is a different usage pattern implemented in the com.sun.deploy.cache
classes. Where I can find the source files of that package?

In addition, I could not find documentation or specification about how the
classloader should process the INDEX.LST. For instance, it was a surprise
for me that a jar listed in the INDEX.LIST was included by the classloader
without an explicit listing in the classpath. Is there any specification
for this?


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