PATCH [6901992] : Possible InvalidJarIndexException due to bug in sun.misc.JarIndex.merge()

Diego Belfer dbelfer at
Wed Jun 13 19:36:10 UTC 2012

Hi Chris,

That's right. The only non-cleanup change is the one in the merge.

Regarding the test case,  I will re-write them in order to generate the
jars on fly. I'd scanned the jdk/test folder and found a few jars, that's
why I included them.  I have seen your test case, I will use it as a sample.

I had not seen your comment in the bug report. Maybe there are other cases
which trigger the InvalidJarIndexException, but, as far as I could see, the
validIndex method checks that at least one entry of the jar matches the
target path found in the index. If directory entries are not present in the
jar, stripped paths generated during the merge and used by the index will
return jars which may not contain entries for them, triggering the
When all directory entries are present, if a jar contains an entry for
"xxx/yyy/resource.file", it  will contain entries for "xxx", "xxx/yyy"  and


On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 12:05 PM, Chris Hegarty <chris.hegarty at>wrote:

> Hi Diego,
> Thanks for picking up this bug.
> I think your changes look fine. Mainly cleanup except for add ->
> addExplicit/addMapping in merge, right? BTW the cleanup makes this more
> readable.
> Unfortunately, the tests you created require checking in a binary jar
> file. This is a real no no for the OpenJDK, we really need to create these
> jars on the fly. I did similar for test/sun/misc/JarIndex/**metaInfFilenames/,
> but I really wish I generated the source files for these tests rather than
> checking in so many pointless files.
> I can look at helping with writing suitable tests for this.
> > That's because I was using jars containing "directory entries"
> > (I was unaware that jar files may not include them)
> Strangely I added the comment "Remove directories from jar files being
> indexed." to the workaround section of the bug. You seem to be seeing the
> opposite, right?
> -Chris.
> On 13/06/2012 06:11, Diego Belfer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have finally reproduced the InvalidJarIndexException bug as reported in
>> the ticket. I mentioned in a previous email, that the only way I'd found
>> for getting the error was to use an invalid index file (INDEX.LIST), which
>> did not have any sense. That's because I was using jars containing
>> "directory entries" (I was unaware that jar files may not include them)
>> After reviewing the URLClasspath$JarLoader class and the validIndex
>> method,
>> I notice it is possible to get the exception for a Jar file which does not
>> include directory entries. In order to trigger the issue, the Jar must be
>> referenced by an intermediary INDEX.LIST and the intermediary Jar index
>> should have been merged to its parent index. Although, jar tool includes
>> directory entries in the generated jar files, Eclipse default option for
>> exporting jars does not include them (AFAIK), so this might be quite
>> common.
>> I have created a new PATCH which includes an additional test case which
>> uses the URLClassLoader to trigger the InvalidIndexException.
>> The patch is attached, please consider it for review.
>> Best,
>> Diego Belfer [muralx]
>> On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 4:47 PM, Diego Belfer<dbelfer at>  wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>> Here is a patch that fixes the merge method of the JarIndex. This bug was
>>> reported as the cause of the bug 6901992. Although, I was not able to
>>> reproduce the BUG itself (InvalidJarIndexException), I did verified that
>>> the method had a bug, and resources/classes where not found in a jarIndex
>>> with merged contents.
>>> If you think it is possible to commit this fix without actually
>>> reproducing the original bug report, please consider this patch for
>>> review.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Diego Belfer [muralx]

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