Code Review Request: 7160252: (prefs) NodeAddedEvent was not delivered when new node add when new Node

Kurchi Hazra kurchi.subhra.hazra at
Tue Jun 26 21:57:34 UTC 2012


     On Mac OS X, for Preferences, a new child added event was not being
delivered to a NodeChangeListener since the existing code depended on the
return value of addNode() in the native code, which returns true if a new
node is added. However, since addNode() was being called erroneously after
a child node is already added to an existing node, addNode() would always
return false, resulting in thw new node event never being delivered.

   This fix propagates the required information of whether a node is added from
the method adding the child node itself. In addition, I cleaned up the
constructors in and added a test
( to cover this case.

Finally, there were two prefs tests in ProblemList.txt which are now passing,
I have removed these from the ProblemList too.



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