[PATCH] Review Request - Test bug: 6948101 java/rmi/transport/pinLastArguments/PinLastArguments.java failing intermittently

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Tue Jun 26 21:56:29 UTC 2012

Hi Eric,

On 26/06/2012 7:26 PM, Eric Wang wrote:
> Please help to review the fix attached for test bug 6948101
> <http://monaco.us.oracle.com/detail.jsf?cr=6948101> which is same root
> cause as bug 7123972 <http://monaco.us.oracle.com/detail.jsf?cr=7123972>.
> The test makes wrong assumption that GC is started immediately to
> recycle unused objects after System.gc() called.
> The proposed fix is to make sure objects have been recycled by GC before
> checking if the weak reference is null.

Again I really need to see a webrev to see the fix in context. Do you 
have Author role and an OpenJDK user name so you can post webrevs on 

I suspect this may have the same issues as the other fix and require a 
timeout for when the original problem is still present.


> Regards,
> Eric

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