hg: jdk8/tl/jdk: 7103570: AtomicIntegerFieldUpdater does not work when SecurityManager is installed

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at gmx.de
Tue May 8 23:57:51 UTC 2012

Am 08.05.2012 23:13, schrieb David Holmes:
> On 9/05/2012 1:03 AM, Ulf Zibis wrote:
>> Did you also noticed it in test class ?
> I don't see anything wrong in the test class. Indent is 4. ??
Oops sorry, I was in wrong line.

>> Class ReflectUtil was just a suggestion. as it will be loaded anyway.
>> Looking in detail maybe whole AtomicXyzFieldUpdaterImpl constructors
>> could be factored out.
> Factored out to where? There's no shared superclass here, so where would it get factored to?

I was thinking, there *could* be a superclass for all of them.


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